How to install delta tub spout adapter

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Re: Delta Tub Faucet Installation Question. Yes, the adapter has to be "sealed/sweated" to the copper stub, but there should be no reason why it should be so hard. It does not have to be against the wall, in fact it is always installed at least 1/2" away from the wall. But you have to remove the "O" ring before you solder it. Prepare your new spout and then slide it over the supply pipe where the old one sits. Once it's in place, secure it by inserting and then tightening the setscrew. If there is no setscrew, use. How to remove a slip-on Delta bath tub spout [ 1 Answers ] The house is 16 years old. The bath tub spout has no identification on it, but it says "Delta Monitor" on the Temperature Control knob. The problem is that the water just flows to the tub and won't go up to the showerhead. I am trying to rePlcace the tub spout. It looks like a slip on type. Mar 11, 2018 · Plumbing and Piping - What adapter is needed to fit new tub spout - Hi, My old Delta Arzo tub spout broke for the 2nd time, and I managed to get another model as a replacement. However, the new model clearly doesn't fit, and I am assuming that I need to purchase an adapter..? My new model is this one: RP90158 Pivotal.
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